Why Mineral Makeup?

First and foremost, Mineral Makeup is made only from natural earthly minerals. Which means, if our earth is not naturally working with it - neither are we! Our Mineral Makeup doesn’t contain toxic or man-made ingredients that are likely to spark or contribute to any acne flare-ups, rosacea, eczema or other sensitive skin condition by seeping into pores and tampering with the skins healthy PH levels. In fact, it’s the only type of cosmetic that is pure enough to use on delicate skin … talk about a product your body has a natural chemistry with!

You will also be thrilled to find that Mineral Makeup will not age your skin like normal cosmetics eventually do.

That heavy traditional makeup gathers in the crease of wrinkles and pulls down on your face with all that oily/waxy weight alone, however, Mineral Makeup is light enough to simply dust your face with to attain that air-brushed, full coverage finish without depriving your facial skin of oxygen.

Another great perk to using mineral makeup is that it is made of materials that have natural sun blocking properties. All the ingredients in Mineral Makeup stem from two main sources: Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. These two ingredients have natural UVA and UVB blocking properties, so materials made from these products still possess their strong sun-fighting qualities...

So, just how versatile are mineral products? One thing is for sure, Mineral Makeup is much more versatile than any type of cosmetics in the market. Mix your minerals with water or moisturizer to create your perfectly customized and light-as-air liquid foundation. Use our eye-shadow pigment to create thousands of custom eyeliner shades, colored mascara, nail polish, body shimmer, blush - you name it. The combinations are truly endless!

Because Mineral Makeup is so pure, it makes for a longer shelf life. See, most companies put fillers and additives in their products knowing there is only a span of a few months that the product will remain fresh and it will not be long until you are back at the store purchasing more. Mineral Makeup is simple and ‘inactive’, meaning there is no material in it for the bacteria to even grow.

At MicaBeauty, Canada, we are thrilled and dedicated to providing the Beauty Industry with products so natural and healthy - it’ is radiant.